Ck2 console command codes 2019

For every individual, games are one of the major parts in their life at sometimes we don’t know to kill our boring time during those situations most of the individuals spend their time in playing games. However, this becomes a very difficult situation when it comes to video games and games that are related to command codes.

There are many games available in which you can simply apply some codes and commands and also it is considered as bugs as well as.

Ck2 console command codes

Ck2 console commands codes are available with a detailed description in which if you use this you can surely win the game.

  • Prestige – It is the command that adds the specified prestige amount to your particular character. Suppose if you add 5000, this will be added as a prestige. If you add negative amount it will remove your prestige.
  • Max_tech – It is the command with advanced technology that provides the maximum level of the province to your specific ID.
  • Score – It is the command that adds an amount of score to your particular character. Suppose if you do not specify the common number the 5000 scores will be added in default.
  • Infamy – What is the command that specifies your characters level and it will display as a threat in the game to specify your negative character.
  • Piety – it is the command that adds a specified number of amounts to your character. When you specify some amount it will remove your negative amount of piety.
  • Kill – it is the command which kills your character with the specific ID
  • Add_Artifact – This command will add the specified artefact ID to your specific character.

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It is one of the best games and also it is trending which is famously known as Ck2 console commands. It is one of the best and interesting games to play for all type of age groups and also it is very thrilling and interesting game.

Prestige and Score Command

These are the major popular Ck2 console commands which will be added specifically to all the players. It is one of the extra advantages added in this game. There are more commands available in which you can simply utilize in this game and it is one of the very easiest games in which your character ID will be mentioned.

In each and every, stages character will be measured in order to destroy your negative characters. There are some other commands which will be very interesting to play such as decision, enable, die, claim, clash and force extra. You can simply add these commands which will help you to win in this game.


A Ck2 console command that has several different types of codes and you can consider when you play this game. It will be easy as well as inserting each and every codes and command in this game as per your choice. There are lots of multiple users’ available for Ck2 console games.

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