Alternative American Music

One of the biggest imports from the U.S. is American music which goes over big time all around the globe and has been that way for most of the last hundred years or so. Jazz was invented in the U.S. and is a distinctly American art form, though it has travelled well all over the planet and has influenced almost every type of music conceivable. Louis Armstrong travelled the globe promoting American music and jazz in particular and it continues to this day with the great alternative American music acts that are dominating worldwide.

Green Day originated in Berkeley, California and over the span of their almost thirty year career they have sold tens of millions of CDs and had multiple international hits. Their brand of purely American music inspired by punk and alternative rock is a unique invention that has been embraced by audiences of all ages. They are truly one of the few bands in history that have crossed over successfully and transcended artificial labels and media imposed boundaries. Their latest album was “21st Century Breakdown” and it was number one on the Billboard charts from the moment it came out and featured the number one hit single “21 Guns”.

Another great band playing American music is also coincidentally from Berkeley, California, the same hometown as Green Day, and this band is the great Counting Crows. Although there popularity has diminished a bit over the years, they have a tremendous international following and can pack them in all over the world. Their first big hit was “Mr. Jones” which was very derivative of the great Van Morrison, but more modern. They went on to score many huge hits including “Big Yellow Taxi” and “Long December”, among others.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have gradually risen in the ranks to become perhaps the number one rock band in the world, if such a thing can be measured. The group is from Los Angeles and they have scored some huge hits with their blend of American music and contemporary modern rock and rap. Songs like “Californication”, “Dani California”, “My Friends”, “Aeroplane”, “Otherside”, “Scar Tissue”, and many, many more have won them fans across many continents. Led by singer Anthony Kiedis and bassist Flea, the group is stronger than ever and every music fan awaits their next big album.

Van Halen has sold millions and millions of albums all over the world, even though they changed singers in mid-stream, substituting the brilliant energy of David Lee Roth for the piercing vocal gymnastics of Sammy Hagar. Whoever the singer is, Van Halen can fill up stadiums wherever they play their rock tinged American music, no matter what country they happen to be in. When they are not playing you can find them relaxing in Cabo San Lucas in Baja California, Mexico.