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DnD 5e Character Sheet Download – Fillable, Editable PDF

D&d 5e character sheet: So, all the D&D fans make some noise, as the D&d 5e character sheet has been out. Well, D&D 5e is one of the most amazing game. And I am really very sure that you all must have also been the fan of this game for sure. After all, it is one of the most amazing games which provides you with lots of entertainment as well.

After all, the dungeon and dragons have been the top game for so long. And if you have seen the character sheet of the 4th edition, then let me tell you that, unlike the 4th edition, the character sheet of the 5th edition is much more simple and easy to be recognized.

So, today We are going to discuss the D&d 5e character sheet. Well, we are going to get all the information related to the D&d 5e character sheet. So, let’s don’t waste any more time and take a look at the D&d 5e character sheet.

D&d 5e character sheet

Well, the D&D 5e character sheet is being really very simple as compared to the character sheet of the 4th edition of the dungeon and dragon game. So, it could understand very easily for sure. But if you are a newbie of this game, then it is going to be very difficult for you to even understand the D&d 5e character sheet.

The new player is going to find it a little difficult for sure to visually understand what each and every field is representing. So, if you are a new player, then you need to ask an experienced player about the D&d 5e character sheet otherwise you will not be able to understand it for sure. And if no experienced player is there to tell you, then you can take help from the player’s handbook as well.

But if you find it hard to understand from the player’s handbook or it seems a little confusing to you, then the internet is always there for you to provide you with the right thing at the right time.

But let me tell you that, if you want to be an expert in this game, or if you want to enjoy this game to the best extent, then you need to understand this D&d 5e character sheet. So, you could have the most amazing experience and you could enhance your gaming experience in the dungeon and dragon game.


So, to understand the D&d 5e character sheet, all you need is a complete guide on the D&d 5e character sheet, so that, you can simply understand what kind of the information comes in respective fields while you create your own character.

Otherwise, your character could be spoiled. And you could also get the information related to how you could read and understand each and every character during the gameplay.

So, your gaming experience could be enhanced and you can enjoy the game to the most. So what are you waiting for? Just get the D&d 5e character sheet for you.


Details of a Blood Hunter Class

Blood Hunter 5E for D&D In a scenetormented by all way of beasts, devils, and cursed things far away from the shroud, most live in dread of the superstition, of dim, and of the obscure with no hope. Some become solidified by this experience, rather standing up and battle against the tide of shadow.

These societies are called ‘heroes.

A few, however, are so obsessive and set on ruining the abomination that torment the farmland that they grasp dim, forbidden knowledge. They sacrifice their very own portion indispensable power in questionable, forgotten blood ceremonies to more readily comprehend their foes. Their strategies once in a while obscure the line among themselves and the shades of devils they chase, raising doubt about their very own mankind.

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These societies are called ‘Blood Hunters.’

Table of a Blood Hunter

Level ProficiencyBonus Crimson Rite Damage Die Features


Blood CursesKnown
1st +2 1d4 Hunter’s Bane, Crimson Rite
   2nd +2 1d4 Fighting Style, Blood Maledict 1
   3rd +2 1d4 Blood Hunter Order 1
4th +2 1d4 Ability Score Improvement 1
5th +3 1d6 Extra Attack 2
6th +3 1d6 Blood Maledict (2/rest) 2
7th +3 1d6 Order Feature 2
8th +3 1d6 Ability Score Improvement 2
9th +4 1d6 Grim Psychometry 3
10th +4 1d6 Dark Velocity 3
11th +4 1d8 Order Feature, Blood Maledict (3/rest) 3
12th +4 1d8 Ability Score Improvement 3
13th +5 1d8 4
14th +5 1d8 Hardened Soul 4
15th +5 1d8 Order Feature 4
16th +5 1d8 Ability Score Improvement 4
17th +6 1d10 Blood Maledict (4/rest) 5
18th +6 1d10 Order Feature 5
19th +6 1d10 Ability Score Improvement 5
20th +6 1d10 Sanguine Mastery 6


Class Features of a Blood Hunter

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d10 per blood hunter level

Hit Points at 1st Level: 10 + your Constitution modifier

Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + your Constitution modifier per blood hunter level after 1st


Proficiencies of a Blood Hunter

Armor of a Blood Hunter: Light armor, medium armor, shields

Weapons of a Blood Hunter: Simple weapons, martial weapons

Tools of a Blood Hunter: Alchemist’s supplies

Saving Throws a Blood Hunter: Strength, Wisdom

Skills a Blood Hunter: Choose two from Athletics, Acrobatics, Arcana, Insight, Investigation, and Survival


Equipmentof a Blood Hunter

You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

(a) a martial weapon or (b) two simple weapons

(a) a light crossbow and 20 bolts or (b) hand crossbow and 20 bolts

(a) studded leather armor or (b) scale mail armor

An explorer’s pack


Quickly Building a Blood Hunter

You can make a blood hunter quickly by following the given suggestions:

  • Make Strength or Dexterity your highest ability score, depending on whether you want to focus on melee weapons, or ranged and finesse weapons.
  • Your next highest should be Wisdom.
  • By choosing a higher Constitution next.
  • At last, choosing the Haunted and One or Acolyte background help you in creating a Blood Hunter quickly.